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Au sud de la Crète

Oil, honey and wine: "The forgotten treasures of the Minoan land"

The sophisticated vinification of Minoan viticulture had such a flawless organization of production
Four millennia ago, Crete was the center of the commercial Mediterranean and the Minoans with their strong naval power dominated the trade.
Oil, honey and wine were the Cretan treasures that were exchanged with precious stones and rare metals, through trade in foreign cultures on three different continents.

These Cretan products today do not have the same worldwide recognition and their purchasing value does not correspond to their historical quality. The primary sector of Crete must be properly trained in order to ensure the quality of these products, while the Region of Crete, in turn, presents them as valuable and unique! Minoan products are one of the top positions in the international market.

On the other hand, we now have a special say about superfoods and how they contribute to human health and well-being. Cretan oil and honey have strong antioxidant properties and by definition belong to the superfoods category. Their anticancer action as well as their well-known nutritional value can be certified by academic bodies, conferring unquestionable prestige on the reputation of these Cretan products.

The most expensive honey in the world, Manuka, costs 200 € a kilo and is produced in New Zealand. It has the name of the plant from which bees collect pollen and its value is due to the strong antimicrobial activity (through enzymes) certified by research laboratories. The beneficial properties of Cretan herbs such as dittamus, thyme and sage can accordingly give good value to the honey produced by their pollen, as long as a scientific analysis of the product is made.

Oil with a very high purchasing value, such as "λ", is produced very close to us in the Peloponnese, and all that Crete needs is to follow the successful strategy of quality cultivation with significant innovations in standardization and promotion.

In conclusion, the fine vinification of Minoan viticulture had such an excellent organization of wine production and distribution, which would be envied by even the most modern Europeans. Today, however, rebelling is imperative, while grapevine technique must be scientific. Thus, Crete's viticultural products will once again acquire their historical glory and the dominant value they have in the world.

On the road to the certification of Cretan products as overexploitation, the smooth co-operation of many stakeholders such as the Region of Crete is required to offer the appropriate incentives and training to the various agricultural organizations as well as the agricultural associations, cooperatives and other groups to approach the line production in a scientific way and methodology.




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