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Planetarium Crete

Since the beginning of time Humans, have been staring at the night sky. Wondering, dreaming, imagining what could possibly be out there. Astronomy was developed pretty early. Famous people like Aglaonike and Thales from Ancient Greece, Hypatia from Alexandria, Galileo Galilei, and Johannes Kepler, Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking and hundreds of anonymous scientist have dedicated their lives into the exploration of the universe and its laws.

Today, there are high tech telescopes placed in every corner of the Earth, and in an orbit around it, collecting data for our position in the Universe, for the planets and the stars.

Planetarium is a way of communicating astronomy with everyone. However, planetarium is not a new invention. Archimedes had created a device that could predict and show the movement of the sun, the Moon and the planets. The oldest planetarium that is still operating, is located in a small Dutch city called Franeker. It was built by Eise Eisinga, in his living room, in 1781. Over the centuries, and especially during the 20th century, German scientists and companies, modernized the idea of the planetarium. Today, planetariums can be found in many cities around the world, and people of all ages can learn about the unique science of astronomy.
  • Astronomy
  • Exploring the universe
  • Telescopes
  • Planets and stars

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